This month’s speaker, Lori Danielson,  delivered a great meeting with her high-energy presentation that felt less like a formal lecture and more like customized leadership coaching. Lori Danielson is a coach and business strategist. Her business, GoTime Coaching, puts to use her extensive and diverse business background. She had us listening intently, reflecting deeply and interacting openly on some great leadership topics. If you missed it or want a review, here are some highlights:

  • Ability + Action = Influence
  • The cycle of the leadership state of mind starts with the thoughts or stories we tell ourselves. This sets the path forward for your whole mindset. Therefore, the whole process can be shaped or changed by shaping the thoughts and stories we tell ourselves.
  • This is proactive. Understand where you stand, what you believe, and examine why. If you don’t do this, you’ll be directionless and understandably, your leadership style will be as well.
  • “Leading up” is taking the initiative and providing solutions instead of waiting for others to do so. These opportunities are everywhere throughout the day. Go for it!
  • Going beyond in “leading up” includes showing obstacles or opportunities not yet seen by others.
  • Learn to say yes-take on the uncertainty that so often makes us so hesitant.
  • Learn to say no-you do have to be protective of your commitments to be effective.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Peppered into the talk were some questions that led each table into group self-reflection and brainstorming.

  • What attributes most closely define my leadership values and why are they important to me?
  • What opportunity or challenge am I facing or soon to be facing that is really going to stretch me?
  • What is a positive affirmation I can build around the opportunity or challenge to help me focus on a successful outcome, getting rid of limiting or negative beliefs, and taking actions that align with my leadership values?

The discussion was so active and lively that Lori was forced to use her “Mom whistle”. We are very thankful for Lori’s time and wisdom this month. It made for a productive and enjoyable lunch. You can download a copy of her presentation here.

April Lunch Meeting Details (FREE Lunch!)

Be sure to reserve your spot for next month’s Luncheon when Rebecca Dutcher, President of RED66 Marketing will be lending her expertise as we consider our personal branding. Again, B&S Plumbing is sponsoring this event, providing FREE lunch buffet for all attendees – who passes that up? Be sure to RSVP!