As August hits the days count down to kids going back to school and summer vacations coming to an end. For some it is hard to stay motivated as beautiful weather shines through your office window. Other professions are in their busy season during the summer and the stress is reaching the tipping point. Whatever your case may be, as a Young Leader, you can take steps to bring motivation and harmony to the workplace. Here are some helpful tips from your friends Rebecca, Abby and Marie:

Understand That Schedules Are Busy
Remember it’s summer and families, those especially with school aged children, are trying to get in a summer vacation. It can be very frustrating trying to coordinate calendars during the summer. Be accommodating for meetings and committees knowing that you might not have the best attendance during the summer months. Work to keep everyone involved up to date on what is going on if they miss a meeting and make sure they stay engaged even if they can’t attend.

Set Small Goals and Forecast Big Ones
If this is a slower time of year for you, consider finding smaller goals that often get overlooked in the busy months so you can cross off your lists and still feel productive. When was the last time you really cleaned off your desk or organized your files? This is also a great time to bring the team together to build out future “bigger-picture” goals. Maybe they get a bit ambitious, but allowing the group to dream a little and identify areas to work on will have its benefits. Also, having a unified path forward that involves the focus and talents of your whole team will help with buy in and motivation.

Give ‘em A break
Just like you may need a moment to breathe and catch up, so too does your team. If you can, try to allow for the occasional early dismissal or late arrival. These little things can mean the difference in getting to appointments on time, running a quick errand, or getting a few more needed moments of rest.
Be flexible in scheduling vacation and personal time. Being supportive when a coworker or employee takes a deserved day off during a beautiful day to enjoy family time or do something for themselves will build team morale. It is great to show that you notice all the hard work they are putting in and reward them for their work!

Treat Yourselves
Take a team building afternoon and have a picnic or go for ice cream. Even if it’s been a hard year, try to find a couple wins to celebrate. Acknowledging the hard work of your team is important and summer is a great time to get together for light hearted support.

Build The Culture
Ultimately, if the work environment is one that employees enjoy, respect, and feel respected in, they will continue to ensure their jobs are done. If summer is a little slower, let them enjoy the break. If it’s busy, remember that they have obligations outside of work hours. Everyone can grow and succeed together when that’s truly the company culture.

What do YOU do to motivate and support your team during the summer months? Share your tips with other Young Leaders on social media. FACEBOOK  TWITTER